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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I prefer mature providers who are in the prime of their life, mentally, physically and sexually.

Leisa checked off all the boxes, so after doing my research I reached out to book a session.

Scheduling was easy and I apparently passed muster so the appointment time was set and the location provided.

On the day of our scheduled meeting I went to the Tysons Corner VA hotel and was given the room number.

I always enjoy the stroll down the hall to the room or condo.

It's a Schrodinger's cat type of moment.

Will she meet my expectations and live up to the reviews I've read?

I have found that often women are much better actresses than men give them credit for.

I'm fairly certain I can spot fake physical reactions and feigned emotions in the women I see, but I'm not so sure about some of the reviewers out there.

So, with great expectations cushioned in a bubble of uncertainty I knocked lightly.

The woman who opened the door was more than I expected or anticipated.

She had a warm and genuine smile and took me by the hand as she leaned up to give me a soft kiss.

She invited me in and then turned and gave me a more erotic and sensual kiss that turned the heat up to high.

Breaking away she led me into the nice hotel room.

She sat on the edge of the bed and I put the donation down.

After a few minutes of what turned out to be wonderful and stimulating conversation she rose and walked over to me.

She bent to kiss me and this time our tongues began the dance of seduction.

When it got to the point where I was leaving a wet spot on the front of my pants she pulled away.

She asked that I shower and walked me to the bathroom where she had a towel and washcloth laid out for me.

I disrobed as she watched, and I felt my cock begin to drip when as she licked her lips.

As I stepped into the steamy shower I felt a rush of satisfaction knowing I had made a good call scheduling time with this lady.

Leisa is a very beautiful\woman and is the complete MILF we all drool over,\ so we were off to great start.

I exited the shower and dried off a bit, continuing to do so as I walked back into the main part of the room.

Leisa was on the bed with her leg crossed but slightly parted.

She has a great body and could tell from my soldiers reaction that I truly appreciated it.

I walked to the bed and we began to really get into the kissing and touching.

I was more than ready to start exploring more of her great body, and I made my way down to her great rack. She is a full DD, and some of the best man made ones I've come across. In my book there's nothing like the real thing but hers are a definite close second.

Her nipples reacted to my touch and she moaned as my mouth lowered and found .


I could feel her hands move to the back of my head, willing me to continue the light playing.

I took a chance and bit down lightly and she gasped, in pleasure as it turns out.

I knew I wanted to taste more of this woman.

I wanted her cunt, her ass, all of her.

I worked my way down to the Y and she eagerly spread her legs, beckoning me to fuck her with my tongue.

I licked at her clit and her reactions were genuine. She was really into it!

Testing the waters I lifted my head and put two of my fingers in my mouth, withdrawing them and looking into her eyes as I brought them to her waiting puss.

Inserting two fingers and returning to the job of stimulating her clit with my tongue seemed to really do it for her.

She began to moan louder, and there was nothing fake about it.

She came in my mouth and the taste was sweet.

I lifted her hips up and began a bit of DATO. I found I was lapping up her cum as it leaked out of her twat and down her ass.

When it got to the point where I had to have her she seemed to sense it.

She rolled me over and moved down the bed.

She took the soldier in her mouth and gave me some great head, sans condom.

Her hands cupped my balls and when she sensed they were full, and that I was on the edge, she stopped the sucking and told me it was time for the main show.

She put the cover on and climbed on top of me.

She is a great rider and and, as such, an honorary cowgirl in my book.

Knowing I couldn't hold out much longer, and wanting to really drive it into her, I flipped her over over lifted her legs as I entered her fully and deeply.

I sensed that we both needed a good hard fucking after all the slower exquisite foreplay.

I began to pound at her and she was very receptive, grabbing my ass and pulling me deeper in.

It didn't take long for me to explode while deep in her gorgeous pussy.

I was drained, physically and mentally, and collapsed on the bed next to her.

The only downside was that I didn't get her to a second orgasm, but that's on me.

She rose from the bed and returned with wipes and a cloth to help clean me up.

We laid on the bed together talking for a few more minutes before it was time for me to grab a quick shower and make my way back down the aforementioned hall, this time with a tell tale smile on my face.

Leisa ranks up there in my top 10. Don't miss the opportunity to see her!

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