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Stormi Sloane

I kept looking at Stormi's website and hoping times would align and I could book with her.

I was more tatn excited when the time came. We were in the same area at the same time and she had a hole in hr schedule that I was more tan ready to fill.

Booking was easy,but YMMV with this. I am a presreened client on a site most of the ladies seem to e familiar with.

I am always happy to make a deposit to secure my appointment time. If u see oly classy psale women you will find they are for the most part complete professionals when it comes to runing their business.

The day of my appointment came and I was super excited when Stormi opened the door and I was faced with a stunning woman in super sexy attire.

Stomi was warm and friendly and we exchanged pleasantries.

She takes great care of herself and it shows.

She is drop dead pretty and has the toned body to match.

She really seemed to be into me and the blow job that quickly followed proved that she was.

The sound of her sloppy wet mouth taking my cock in and out was freaking awesome.

She stayed with her mouth on my cock for a good 15 minutes and then I pulled out and shot my first load on he tits.

Usually I am also about taking care of the lady and her sexual needs, but Stormi took control and rocked my world.

After another 15 minutes or so she took my cock out of her wet and hot mouth and proved to me that her pussy was hotter and wetter than her mouth.

She sat on top of me and slowly took me deep in her tight and wet puss.

I fucked her hard and long, being able to last longer thatn my first O. She encuraged me to pund her and I did with the enthusiasm I had back in high school.

She came hard and feeling her juice slowly leaking out and running down my thighs put me over the edge.

I came with the intensity of a teenage boy.

Stormi was a gracious host and after we cleaned up we talked for a bit.

She's agreat conversationlist, and by the time my session was over I felt I was saying goodbye to an old friend.

Stormi is a fantastic lady and a must see!

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