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Captivating Cory

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Cory is a stunning, mature (62) and skilled provider.

I followed her reviews and website for a while before I decided it was time to meet her.

I had never ventured onto the wild side and knew if I was to set up an appointment it would not be until I was sure I wanted a woman (with a strap on) to give proper attention to my ass.

I was an anal virgin but had always enjoyed the different and unique type of pleasure a woman seemed to receive from a good ass pounding.

After reading review after review where Cory received high ranks, each time finding myself stroking my cock while I put a finger in my ass, I decided meeting was a must.

I scheduled through her assistant, who was incredibly friendly, warm and professional.

After passing the screening process the date and time were set.

As the day of our meeting approached, I found myself enveloped in a nervous excitement that was a great prelude for what was to come.

Cory's location is upscale and quite nice.

I knocked and when she opened the door I felt my mouth literally drop.

She was even more beautiful in person than in her pictures.

She smiled a genuine smile and I thought to myself she is actually happy to meet me.

She leaned forward and gave me a kiss that made my cock instantly hard.

The light kiss grew more urgent and her hands were moving across my chest.

My cock was actually throbbing and I was ready to take her right then and there.

Sensing how just her DFK's were bringing me to the edge, she pulled away.

She mentioned something along the lines of bringing me to that point repeatedly for the next couple of hours before letting me drain my load.

We moved over to the sofa and sat down. We chatted a bit, but I found it difficult to concentrate as her hands were wandering over both my body and her own.

Her movements and intermittent kisses seemed so natural with me.

There was nothing business like about her. Honestly considering she provides more of a service (Bondassage, Milking etc) I expected it to be a more formal environment, if that makes sense.

But, to my surprise and delight I found myself in the company of a warm, affectionate and inviting woman.

After a bit of verbal foreplay she showed me to the bathroom and I went to shower.

The hot water was soothing on my skin and I made sure to come out squeaky clean for her as I wanted the feel of her tongue in my ass.

When I came out she was standing nude before me in nothing more than spectacular 5-6" heels.

Cory is an incredibly beautiful woman and one whose age only enhances her looks. I would add a caveat that she is mature and that doesn't appeal to everyone, but I don't care what the age of the guy is she would turn your head in any environment.

Her body is tight and toned. Her breasts (fake but fabulous) had beautiful perky nipples.

She motioned for me to come to her and I practically ran!

She began to kiss me again, deep, long wet kisses and then suddenly pushed me back and away as she told me to turn around and bend over the table behind me.

She lowered herself and suddenly I could feel her tongue begin to work it's magic on my ass.

The feeling was incredible, absolutely incredible.

Her hand was reaching forward giving proper attention to my cock and balls.

I was in absolute ecstasy, and didn't want it to end.

That was until she stood up and I felt her fingers, somehow lubed up, sliding into my ass which by now was on fire for her.

She proceeded to give me a prostate massage and it was something I quickly realized I loved and would be doing again.

She asked how I liked it, then told me my moans were a dead giveaway.

She told me that she was about to put on her strap on and give me a good fucking.

My cock, already hard, began beating as though it had a heart of it's own.

My balls were stretched tight and full for her, partly due to the sucking and licking she had been subjecting them to.

I felt her hand on the middle of my back as she held me there and expertly removed the anal beads (damn what a feeling). I didn't even know that's what she had been doing back there she was so good at it.

I readied myself as she replaced the beads with the strap on she was wearing.

She slid it in easily, first just then head, then slowly filling me with it.

She paused for a moment as I felt my ass seeming to open up as if inviting the pounding I was about to receive.

I felt her pull almost all the way out of me before slamming back into me.

Her pace quickened and I was shocked at how having my ass fucked by a beautiful woman was making me want to come.

After she brought me to the edge yet again, she pulled out and I turned around.

She put me on her milking table and went beneath.

I cannot put into words how expertly she sucked at my cock and my balls.

She is a woman who was born to suck cock and fuck a man's ass.

She really seemed into it and when I finally could hold out no longer she turned me over, put on the cover and climbed on top of me riding me with amazing skill.

The feel of her hips grinding into me, looking up to see a stunning beauty above me, drove me mad.

But when I could see her begin to orgasm, and feel her cum leaking out of her each time she lowered onto me I could not hold out any longer.

I cried out in pure ecstasy as and I came hard and long.

I left feeling like I had just spent and amazing coup;le of hurs with a friend with benefits.

Cory is at the top of her field for good reason.

She is a rare breed of stunning beauty, top notch skills and professional yet warm and inviting attitude.

My fellow hobbyists, she is a must see!

A bit pricey, but my advice is to skip a couple of visits with "providers" who are all about the money and visit a woman who really is all about giving and receiving pleasure.

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