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Tori of Tori's Secret

I was perusing one of the sites a few months back and saw that Tori (or someone claimng to be her) of Tori's Secret was back on the job.

For those of you new to this Tori is a legend, at least according to anyone who has shared the pleasure of her company.

She came onto the scene and stirred up a fire from her first post.

She was the reigning queen of the message boards back then and I visited her as well as all her girls on several occasions beore she retired.

I continued seeng her girls, who were all fabulous, but she would get in my head each time.

I knew I had to book with her and it was an easy process. She takes references or deposits which seems to be the norm for the upper echelon of ladies.

She was as playful as ever in her teasing texts before our meeting. I know that part isn't for everyone but I think it's a nice preface to a meeting and I like that she dedicates her time to me before the big day.

The big day arrived and at the agreed upon time I pinged her for the room number at her 4 star hotel.

Inexplicably I got a little nervous.

She was one of my 2 ATF back in the day.

That was 20 years ago so what if she lost her skills or looks?

Any dooubts about whether or not she still looked as good dissapated the oomoment she opened the door and greeted me with a big smile.

She was a sexy and mature version of the woman I remembered, and she had somehow become more attractive.

Back when we played together in DC, she had a very short haircut but now it's shoulder length.

She has incredibly pretty and shiny hair, almost as soft to the touch as her skin is.

Seriously her skin is so soft it befuddles the mind. It ws repeatedly mentioned in her mumerous reviews back when.

We did a bit of catching up as she poured us both a Baileys and coffee.

We had plenty of time since I always book muli hour appontments.

Tori is articulate, intelligent and a great conversationalist.

We spent a bit of time talking, laughing, and reminiscing.

After a brief lull in the conversation we both looked at each other and the sexual chemistry was almost electrical.

She leaned in and kissed me, and that led to a more frenzied making out type of session.

Great kisser, seious DFK, playful like a familiar lover, her hands expertly teasing my by now har cock.

When we came up for air we moved things to the bed.

I peeled off her beautiful lingerie and her breasts just blew my mind (as her mouth would soon to my coc). They are natural DD and they really are spectacular. They did not look like the breasts of a woman her age and still hung gloriously atop her somewhat petite frame.

She loved the attention I spent on them and was quickly moaning and breathing heavier.

She took one of my hands and moved it to her pussy, which was now wet and hot.

Tori has one of the prettiest pussies I've ever seen . Pink and fleshy, moist and beckoning.

It is still looked perfect pink and hot and wet.

I played with her clit which began swelling between my fingers and brought her to her first orgasm.

Tori was and still is multi orgasmic.

None of that bullshit faking to rush her partner along.

Her body shakes and her pussy convulses and gets more wet. Very hot!

She honestly seems to love what she does.

She claims that like any other occupation, if you love it and it seems you were meant to do it then it shows.

And damn did it show.

After her first O with my fingers she raised herself up and squatted over my face.

The smell was delicious and I was hungry for it so I dove right in.

She would stay just above my mouth nd tell me to fuck her with my tongue.

I spread those pretty pussy lips and willingly obliged.

In between a couple of her Os she moved down and took my now throbbing dick in her mouth.

Major deep throat skills. She gets you all the way in her mouth and keeps your dick deep in her throat as she seems to somehow be milking the tip. Her tongue, oh wow her tongue. Mad skills!

She paid lots of attention to my balls and would lick and suck them when I got too close to cumming and she pulled her mouth off my cock.

I thought I would explode right away but she told me it wasn't time yet that we weren't done with her yet.

I gave her another O finger fucking her and then I couldn't wait any longer.

She laid back and I slid my cock right into her wet pink pussy. I mentioned her soft skin right? So her puss is like silk. Hot wet silk.

I knew I was about to lose it so I drilled it into her making her pussy start to convulse as we came at the same time.

We both collapsed and after a few minutes, and then chatted some more while we cleaned up.

To sum up Toris not only a great time in the sack, she's a super cool chick.

I will see her again and again and in between appoitnments I'll jack off to the great stories on her site.Tori is a must see!

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